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Hardly a day passes without another commercial, political or social name caught in the LED (Lies, Excuses and Denials) headlights of glaring adverse publicity.  


Whether you're igniting a startup or remodelling an established brand,  should the worst should happen, our independent troubleshooting strategic counsel offers a fresh perspective on communicating with customers, investors, employees, partners, suppliers, the media - and the wider public.


Tips for reputation management


  • Beyond 'box ticking' for the sake of legal requirements actually practice Corporate Social Responsibility. 

  • Be transparent.  (Remember when you were a kid -  the more you tried to hide something from your parents, the quicker they found out - the same applies in business and PR).

  • The public may forgive - unless a brand acts in a dismissive manner - then people will neither forgive, nor forget.


In addition to being authorised expert legal witnesses on PR, branding and marketing, Gabay provides insights on some of the biggest reputation stories for the world's most trusted news outlets.


Leading organisations depend on us to engage with offline and online influencers across social and business platforms.


Additionally, we provide CEOs with media briefings and brand ambassadorship strategies.  We implement launches, manage events, as well as deliver agile digital brand reputation 'listening and responding' workshops.


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