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Gabay’s Copywriters’ Compendium:  Elsevier Hatchett. (Three editions,‘05,‘07,‘09).


The Meaning of Life: Virgin Books. (Three international charity editions on behalf of the British Red Cross - translated globally).


Teach Yourself  Copywriting:  Hodder Headline (three editions) (1996).


Soul Traders – The History of Commercial propaganda: Marshall Cavendish.

(Three international editions (2009) (2011)    (Visit official site).


Make a Difference with Your Marketing: Teach Yourself: Hatchett (2010).


Imaginative Marketing: Hodder Headline (1998).


Improve Your Copywriting:  Hodder Headline (2010).


Teach Yourself Marketing: (1998,2003):  Hodder Headline(two editions).


Successful Web Marketing in a Week: Hodder Headline (Two editions) (2002).


Write Persuasive Copy: Flash: Hatchett (2011).


Marketing for Success: Flash, Hatchett (2011).


Heroes.Com: (Hodder Headline) Editor, ghostwriter, book designer).


The Marketing Century: CIM (2011) - contributor.


Reinvent Yourself: Momentum Books (2002)  (Romanian edition 2012).


The Brand Messiah - Business Novel – 2012 (Visit official site).


The Little Black Book:  Corgi (1985).


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