International keynote talks


Insightful and witty keynote talks are welcomed by global companies across sectors including, PR, brand, marketing,  IT, education, government, online, pharmaceuticals, food and retail, finance, manufacturing and communications. 


Recent events have included European brand conferences, a major keynote for a gala evening at the Presidential palace in Cyprus. communication psychology workshops in India, leadership talks, workshops for the European Parliament as well as Big Data and brand psychology conferences in the Middle East.



Keynotes include:


  • Brand psychology and authenticity.

  • Sales psychology.

  • Fake News and the web.

  • The death of the high street retail brand.

  • Consumer psychology.

  • Workplace psychology.

  • Leadership in psychology.

  • Online psychology.

  • Outstanding customer service.

  • Social media and the downfall of human interaction.

  • Political marketing.

  • Cause marketing.

  • Cultural psychology.

  • Classical branding.

  • Brand storytelling.

  • Creative thinking

  • Big Data psychology.

  • Social media psychology

  • Reputation management.

  • Business futurology.




For talks or workshops call:

 +44 020 30 02 4125 (24 hours)