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Bland kills brands.


Customers and clients are drowning in a deluge of brand messages.


This year alone there is expected to be in excess of a giddying 33 zettabytes of data, colliding around cyberspace. That's more than enough to slosh over 132,000 of the world's fastest computers' storage space or 330,000,000 of the world's largest hard drives (currently 100 terabytes).


Data informs, yet too many brands are chasing algorithms before really getting to grips with the fundamental psychology behind human relationships. And those algorithms are making a mockery of trusted targeting.


Ensuring brand messages stand apart - let alone get noticed - has led to some to place price before value - creating a suicidal race to the bottom.


The misconception that no- one from Gen Zs to Boomers can cope with thinking - has bottle-fed attention deficit with PR and marketing drivel.


Thankfully there is an alternative to bland communications; a strategy which intelligently blends structured data, creative narratives and innovation to encourage attention and loyalty.


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