Tell the greatest brand story in the world: YOURS


Since childhood I loved stories.   Each book jacket was a door to lessons rich in secrets, triumphs,

failures, yearnings, losses, beliefs and discoveries. 


Movies thrilled me.  They made me laugh... cower behind the sofa...believe in heroes and want to outwit villains.


After school years, work in television news taught how to explain world events.  


Public Relations showed how to find ‘hooks’ that appealed to radio, TV and printed press.


By my twenties, I was an 'Ad-land' Creative Director.  


In my thirties, I earned more titles including Head of Copy.


Clients came from many sectors including IT, retail, pharma, manufacturing, charity, finance, publishing, media, entertainment, utilities, education, travel, automotive, catering, legal and more.


With time, consumers' perceptiveness developed.


My own questioning led to a book: 'The Meaning of Life' - with all proceeds donated to charity.


At the time, I even planned a career change - selling bagels. (Yes -'bagels’).  


As a 'swan-song' to advertising, I also wrote a book on copywriting and content production.


The world’s biggest marketing training body asked me to teach.  I devised and delivered workshops covering marketing, PR, advertising, digital, team building, reputation management, leadership, and branding.


Fourteen years later I had taught over 10,000 students.  In between lecturing, copywriting, site building, film making, reputation management for public authorities, advising companies (and eating the odd bagel) I researched and wrote more books.  Many became standard textbooks up to MA level. (See: books).


I also developed a business which helped brands publish their own stories  (See


To help clients provide greater understanding and credibility I studied psychotherapy. 


Blending marketing experience with psychology, I devised an approach for brands which addressed cynics honestly and authentically. 


More global keynotes followed as well as my latest book – Brand Psychology.


Now I want to help your organisation realise its ambitions.  


With content…






…project management…




…that would make a really great story - and you're going to love my favourite choice of bagel filling; perfect with a cup of coffee.


Let's talk.

Jonathan Gabay CEO